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We promote the general relaxation of the whole musculature with a considerable reduction of the contractures that can annoy legs and back.


Through inclined planes, the rotation of the foot under load, keeping in axis the movement between the joints. The result is to lengthen the life of cartilage, the most precious element for our joints.


The posture of the body. The plantar support allows the brain to perceive a greater equilibrium. This entails an immediate change in the attitude of the body that straightens the back and aligns the shoulders, perceptible as soon as we move.


In axis The pelvis limiting the damage to the column. The pelvis in axis avoids overloading the column by automatically improving the overall posture, if our body is in axis and decontracted, many muscular pains to joints will disappear and physical recovery is facilitated


The greater support surface allows the body to have a better balance, freeing the brain from the need to contract the muscles. So no neck problems, no back problems.

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I'Ve got your hoofs for two years: unbelievable! I don't Think there's anything more comfortable. With my foot problems, I'm a holy hand.

Piede cavo di secondo grado e dita quasi a martello… Sono 4 mesi che le ho e posso solo dire… Favolose! Mi hanno messo in asse il piede e finalmente lo appoggio correttamente… E questo succede anche quando si tolgono o si calzano altre scarpe. Praticamente rieducano il piede!

Exceptional, practically 4 seasons, comfortable, relaxing after an intense session of physical activity, long lasting. A product that combines Quality and Wellbeing.

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All Our experience in the field of wellbeing.

Through Neurology and biomechanics we solve problems related to muscles and joints, such as contractures, fatigue and back pain.

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Many are the friends we met and who supported us and many were born and raised together with us

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