The Aequos System

For over twenty years we have been studying through neurology and biomechanics the importance of the foot in the generation of problems with muscles and joints, such as contractures, fatigue and back pain.

The Principles We follow:

In Every product we realize we put neurology and biomechanics at the center following always these principles


The body is a unique, complex and imperfect machine. As all machines needs a mechanism to move, ours is the foot. The Foot, in charge, suffers from rotations that are transmitted to the other joints. Our joints work off-axis and wear out, or rather they will tear the cartilage that is the element that protects them, causing progressive and permanent damage. The AEQUOS system, through inclined planes, does not allow the foot to rotate under load, maintaining in axis the movement between the joints. iI result is to avoid as long as possible the wear of cartilage, the most valuable element for our joints


The body is naturally unstable, too little the support surface to have a good balance. As a result of this instability, our brain, which controls all our functions, to keep us standing commands to our muscles a greater, excessive work in order to maintain a better balance. The consequence of this enormous is unfortunately also a greater muscular contracture, especially at the level of muscles of the neck and back in the lumbar tract. The result is quite intushable: neck and back problems, combined with a lot of effort. The AEQUOS System increases the support surface of the foot, improves the quality of the balance and frees the brain from the need to contract the muscles. No neck problems, no back problems.

On These principles we have created the ergonomic ciabatta that:


The rotation of the foot.
Through The inclined planes, the joints are kept in even while the foot is overloaded.
The result is to lengthen the life of the cartilage, the most valuable element for the health of our joints.


The posture of the body.
The plantar support allows the brain to perceive a greater equilibrium. This entails an immediate change in the attitude of the body that straightens the back and aligns the shoulders, perceptible as soon as we move.


Muscle contraction.
The greater support surface allows the body to have a better balance, freeing the brain from the need to contract the muscles.
So no neck problems, no back problems.


In axis the pelvis.
The pelvis in the axle avoids overloading the column by automatically improving the overall posture.
If our body is in axis and decontracted, therefore many muscular and articular pains will finally disappear.

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I'Ve got your hoofs for two years: unbelievable! I don't Think there's anything more comfortable. With my foot problems, I'm a holy hand.

Exceptional, practically 4 seasons, comfortable, relaxing after an intense session of physical activity, long lasting. A product that combines Quality and Wellbeing.

They Are very comfortable, they do everything they promise and they last for years without ruining the slightest. Once you try it then you can't wait to go home to put it!

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