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We avoid cartilage consumption

Through inclined planes it avoids the rotation of the foot under load, keeping the movement between the joints on axis. The result is to extend the life of cartilage, the most valuable element for our joints.

We prevent contractions

The increased surface area allows the body to have better balance, freeing the brain from the need to contract the muscles. So no neck problems, no back problems.

We improve posture

Plantar support allows the brain to perceive a greater balance. This leads to an immediate change in the attitude of the body that straightens the back and realigns the shoulders, perceptible as soon as we start moving.

We keep the pelvis in axis

Keeps the pelvis in axis, limiting damage to the column. The pelvis in axis avoids to overload the column automatically improving the general posture, if our body is in axis and decontracted, many muscular and articular pains will disappear and the physical recovery will be facilitated.

How to measure

1. Measure your foot


The AEQUOS system has allowed us to create RUNWAY, the dynamic insole. With its 2mm thickness you can bring the wellbeing of the AEQUOS system in any shoe.


How to measure

how c take the cm.


where on the left the number is in centimeters, and it will be the number that you have to measure yourself, and then compare it with the number immediately next to it, in the second column, which is the number that is commonly used.



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Returns: Should there be any problems or production defects related to the product please send an email to info@peterlegwood.com, inserting the type of defect and the type of replacement required, one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible, providing you with all the information necessary to continue the return.

Complaints and contacts

For complaints or any other communication concerning the purchase through the website, send an email to: info@peterlegwood.com


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